Scales, Blues Brothers, and Note Names

With the band students falling into a class routine, we are beginning to delve into the material.  7th graders will have a test over their Bb Concert Scale (Line 159) on Friday.  We will be spending the first couple of weeks working through the review section of Book 2, which is designed to refresh everyone on concepts from Book 1.

8th graders reviewed marching commands today and hit Gimme Some Lovin’ pretty hard.  They also got a good start on the Fight Song (On Salina) and a small taste of Think.  Learning the music is the first step in preparing for our Blues Brothers marching show.

6th graders reviewed clefs and note names today.  We played a few lines out of the book.  On Friday they will be tested over the note names on the staff, an important skill when reading music.  The “For Students” section of this website has a link to, where students can practice their note names on the Note Trainer.

Band Routine

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