Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…

8th grade band students got their first taste of Rawhide today in class.  The song will be part of their Blue Brothers show later this quarter.  They have a playing test over Gimme Some Lovin’, and the Fight Song (On Salina) on Friday.  We tried a slightly different seating arrangement today, setting up in a circle, and I think it worked pretty well.

In 7th grade band, students continued to review concepts from Book 1.  They are getting used to working with our new software program, SmartMusic.  The program has all the lines from the book for students to listen to, play along with, and hear an accompaniment part.  You can slow down the music and do other things to aid in practicing.

We began our blitz through the book in 6th grade band today.  With some students on new instruments and everyone needing a good review of concepts from last year, we start off every 6th grade band back at line number 1.  We review the important steps in practicing a line as we go from one line to the next, as quickly as possible.  Today we made it through lines 1-10. Here are the 4 steps to practicing a line:

1. Listen to the line (if you have a recording – otherwise, skip this step)

2. Count, clap, and tap the rhythm of the line

3. Tongue and finger along (percussionists can touch the bells or pat the snare drum rhythm on their laps)

4. Play the line!

Band Routine

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