Lakewood band students have successful first week

The first week has come and gone for students at Lakewood Middle School and the bands are hard at work playing their instruments.  Today students in band class had their first tests of the year.

7th graders had a playing test over the first eight notes of line 159, also known as their Bb Concert Scale.  As a class, they did a great job.  Each student received written feedback on what they did well and how they can improve on the next playing test.

8th Grade Band Pictures

The 8th grade band tested over two of the songs from their marching show: Gimme Some Lovin’ and the Fight Song (On Salina).  Gimme Some Lovin’ sounded really good, but some of them could use some more work on the Fight Song.  They also played through Rawhide, which they will be tested over next week.  Before long, they will need to have the songs memorized, so it’s important to stay on top of it and practice on a regular basis.

The 6th grade band had a written test over note names.  Most of the students did a really good job.  A few students had a little trouble remembering that the spaces spell “FACE” in the treble clef (bottom to top).  The lines spell “Every Good Boy Does Fine” in the treble clef (bottom to top).  After their test, they continued their blitz through the book playing lines 27-34.

Band Routine

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