A great start to week two in band

The 7th grade band learned their Eb Concert Major Scale today (Line 163 in the book).  This is the first time they have played the entire octave.  Book 1 split the scale up because the last part is too high for most of the instruments.  They will have a playing test over the scale on Friday.  The students also received a 4-part chorale that they are going to work on at the beginning of each class.

img_21217th and 8th graders listened to Ken Hakoda talk about the Salina Youth Symphony.  Hakoda talked about the many opportunities available for students involved in SYS.  The auditions are this weekend and flyers are available for any student interested in auditioning.  Hakoda is the director of the Salina Symphony and teaches choir at Kansas Weslyan University.

The 8th grade marching band reviewed Gimme Some Lovin’ and Rawhide today.  We decided that measure 52 to the end needs a lot of work on Rawhide.  Then we listened to Think/Can’t Turn You Loose and talked about how much time we have to prepare the piece, memorize it, and march to it.  The students decided that they would cut the first half of the piece (the Think half), and just play the last part with Can’t Turn You Loose.

6th graders got to see how they did on their note names test today.  Those who were gone on Friday made up the test today in class.  Any students who scored below an 80% will need to retake the test tomorrow.  Those students were paired up with another student who scored a 100% to help them study for the retake.  We also continued our blitz through the book, reviewing pick-up notes and dynamics today in class.

Band Routine

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