Tuning, Sectionals, and Retakes

The 7th grade band will be learning how to tune their instruments by ear this quarter.  Today, the students were introduced to the steps involved in tuning and what to listen for when playing their tuning note.  Over the next few weeks, students will work on tuning in class and developing their listening skills.  They also completed a sheet of review terms that were covered in the first few pages of their books.  Eventually, they will be tested over the concepts.  Tomorrow the students will receive their first signature sheet and start learning new concepts from Book 2.

8th grade band students played through all their music for their upcoming marching show and split off into sectionals for most of the period.  They have a playing test on Rawhide and Can’t Turn You Loose on Friday.  Did you know that Otis Redding composed Can’t Turn You Loose?  Here’s an interesting arrangement of Can’t Turn You Loose performed by another band.

In 6th grade band, students had a chance to retake their note names test.  Every student who retook the test passed!  Students also completed a review sheet over terms from pages 1-9 in their books.  They will have a test on Friday over those terms.  The beginning of the year in 6th grade band feels like a lot of worksheets and tests because it is important for me to find out where the students are at musically.  With students coming together from different schools, we need to find a starting point that will give everyone the best chance of being successful.

Band Routine

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