Tie Day!

6th grade band students celebrate Tie Day.

6th graders celebrated Tie Day today by wearing ties to school.  The annual holiday is in honor of the curved line that connects notes of the same pitch.  The students also completed a test over pages 1-9 out of the book.  Today Mr. Rohrer worked with the percussionists on the bells.

7th graders had a playing test over line 163 today (Concert Eb Major Scale).  For the most part, they did a nice job on it.  The scale is much higher than they are used to playing, so the last few notes were difficult for some students to play.  The 7th graders also got signatures from other students in class by playing lines for them out of the book.  The signature sheet is due on Monday — over the weekend they need to get a signature from a parent.

The 8th graders passed their playing test over Rawhide and Can’t Turn You Loose with flying colors.  We had a class meeting about the upcoming calendar.  Next week they will work on memorizing the music so that after Labor Day they can begin the work of marching outside.

Band Routine

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