Great Weather = Great Rehearsal

Normally with great weather, teachers can expect behavior problems.  Today was not the case!  The weather was beautiful outside and the band students were great inside!  Who could ask for more?!

7th graders got new music for the upcoming concert.  One of the songs, Festival, is a tradition for the 7th grade band students to perform at the Fall Concert.  This tradition has been going on for approximately 30 years.  The other two songs they received were Chalumeau and Ghosts in the Graveyard.

8th grade band memorized Rawhide today.  I was pleased with the students’ analysis of the form of the piece.  Analyzing the form of the piece really stretches their thinking, but it is a great tool for memorizing the music.  Tomorrow they will memorize Can’t Turn You Loose.

Today in 6th grade band we reviewed our new note and played lines 71 and 72 out of the book.  We got to use our new Bluetooth keyboard and mouse/wand with our music software program to listen to the music and play along with it on the big screen.

Band Routine

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