Another Wonderful Day of Band

The 7th grade band students are being exposed to some pretty unusual time signatures in band.  Yesterday, the students played a warm-up in 7/8 time and 3/8 time.  Today they started sightreading a piece of music that goes back and forth between 5/4 and 3/4 time.  They are also working on a 4-part chorale.  Today they played the soprano and alto parts together for the first time.  They have a playing test over line 171 on Friday.

The 8th grade band students analyzed the form of Can’t Turn You Loose.  They learned that there is more than one way to analyze music and that there isn’t always one right answer to the way you interpret and look at music.  The important thing is to find something that makes sense to you that you can justify.  They also learned some choreography for Gimme Some Lovin’ today.  You won’t want to miss their pregame performance at the Central football game on October 9.

The 6th grade band students learned another new note today.  They are working hard in class and playing along with our new software program in small groups.  First they listen to the recording.  Then they count and clap the rhythm.  Then they finger along.  Then they play it.

Band Routine

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