Band students finish strong before Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is traditionally a point in the first quarter when many teachers plan to finish up a unit.  Band students wrapped up some projects and are prepared to move forward.

In 7th grade band, students tested over line 171 (Concert Ab Major Scale).  This will be the third scale they’ve tested over.  They have all the music for their concert and will hit it hard after Labor Day.  8th graders have finished memorizing the music for their show.  Now they get to learn the drill for their marching show.  6th graders will get music for the concert when they return from their 3-day break. 

Today the 6th grade band elected their student council representative.  As a part of the election, they conducted an experiment and proved that when people listen to the message someone has instead of what they look like or what others say about them, they vote differently.  In fact 88% of 6th graders in a sample population of 48 students voted for a different candidate for student council rep when they voted according to what the candidate wrote down about why they should be elected, without knowing who it was.  They will find out who won after break.

Band Routine

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