3 school days to band concert

The 7th grade band finished listening to their songs for the concert and determining areas that need to be fixed.  They sound really good!  The 8th grade band marched on the football field for the first time today.  Normally they march in the parking lot.  There was a period of adjustment when the students realized they didn’t have any landmarks like they do in the parking lot (yellow lines, cracks, tar, sewer grates, etc.).  They are making improvement every day.  In 6th grade band, students focused their efforts on “Sakura, Sakura.”  The song requires that students play at a fairly slow tempo, which can be difficult, but the students are concentrating and making it work.

You won’t want to miss our band concert on Monday, October 5 at 7:30 PM.  Students need to arrive in time to warm-up at 7:00 PM.  Students need to wear long pants, closed-toe shoes, their band shirt (I will pass this out in class on Friday), and they need to tuck in their shirt (I suggest a belt, but not required).  The concert will be about 45 minutes with a reception following.

Band Routine

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