Practice Records and Signature Sheets!!

Today band students got their first practice record and signature sheet of the 2nd quarter.  The practice record is a very different from practice records students have completed in the past.  Today students identified new lines from the book that they can’t play yet, new lines that they can play already, and old lines that they want to play for fun.  Then they set a goal for themselves by identifying five lines that they want to work on and be able to play by the end of next week.  Students will then record what lines they worked on outside of class — some lines to achieve their goal and some lines to play just for the fun of it.

Students also got their first signature sheet of the 2nd quarter.  The sheets are filled out in class except for the parent signature that they need to get at home when they play the line for a parent.  7th graders are working on page 9 and need to get a signature from a parent on line 43, “You’re a Grand Old Flag.”  8th graders reviewed 16th note patterns on pages 16-20 and need to get a parent signature on line 97, “American Patrol.”  6th graders are learning to slur notes on their instruments and need to get a parent signature on line 97, “Trombone Rag.”

Also, 7th graders will be having a playing test over line 185 next week.  They will also be trained on the new music assessment program that we are piloting in the district.

Band Routine

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