Mr. Bley and Mr. Rohrer will be at high school marching festival in Hays on Monday, October 26.  Students are expected to be on their best behavior for the substitute teacher.  They will be viewing a video called “Stomp Out Loud” and filling out a worksheet.

Today, 7th grade band students reviewed their Bb Concert Scale (Line 159) for Tuesday’s playing test from memory.  They also worked in groups to fill out the STARS sightreading worksheet for two more songs that they sightread today.  The 8th graders reviewed scales 1-5 for Tuesday’s playing test over those scales (lines 2-5 need to be memorized).  They also reviewed the 2-octave chromatic scale for Wednesday’s playing test.  Students had a nice discussion about the logic behind the brass positions/fingerings in the descending chromatic scale.  8th graders sightread an arrangement of Handel’s “For Unto Us” from his most famous work.  6th graders reviewed B1-3, C1-3, and learned D1-3 on their 4-note exercises sheet.  They also got signatures from their classmates today and completed their signature sheet.  At the end of class, they learned a new duet out of the book by Bach called, “Minuet.”

Band Routine

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