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All band students filled out their signature sheet today in class.  The signature sheet and the first practice record are due on Monday, November 2.

Monday is the first day of the “Band Practice Competition.”  The class with the highest average number of practice days per student will earn a party at the end of the quarter.  Students will be given a one-day practice card on cardstock.  All they need to do is take it home, practice 15 minutes, have a parent sign it, and return it to Mr. Bley to get another one.  The competition runs from November 2 through December 2.  This competition will take the place of the second practice record.  Students will not need to fill out a practice record.  If they practice, they can fill out the card and return it to get another one (they will also be rewarded with a small treat).  If they are unable to practice, they just keep the card until they have time to practice and fill it out and return it then.  This competition will not take the place of locker checks.  Students are still required to take their instruments home on Fridays. 

Band Routine

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