Practice Records and Signature Sheets Due

Today signature sheets and practice records were due in band.  Today is also the beginning of the band practice competition.

7th graders learned a new key signature, a new note, and a new scale (Concert C Major).  They also started rotating through the practice rooms to use SmartMusic on the computers.  The students seemed to catch on to the program pretty easily.  We also spent some time working on “Christmas Celebration” for the band concert in December.

8th graders reviewed scales and 6/8 time.  Then they rehearsed “Unto Us.”

6th graders reviewed their new note from Friday and applied it to exercises A1-3 on their 4-note exercises sheet.  Then they learned about dotted quarter notes.  They counted and clapped new rhythms and played some lines with the dotted quarter note in it.  At the end of class they spent some time on the overture of “The Nutcracker Suite” and “The Nutcracker March.”

Band Routine

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