Third signature sheet due today

Students handed in their third signature sheet today.  The practice competition has finished its first week.  See the current standings here: Practice Competition.

7th graders finalized their songs for the concert.  They will be performing “Go Tell It On the Mountain” instead of “Two French Carols.” Tomorrow they have a playing test over line 171 from memory.  This week they are using SmartMusic to assess their ability on line 44.

8th graders worked most of the hour on “For Unto Us.”  Several sections have playing tests scheduled for tomorrow.  Also tomorrow students will have sectionals over the music.

6th graders played through all of “The Nutcracker March” today.  They also worked on the third movement of “The Nutcracker Suite” called “Dance of the Reed Flutes.”  Students are learning new notes along the way too.  They also started reading through a song called “A World Holiday Celebration.”

Band Routine

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