3 Weeks to Band Concert

The December 3rd band concert is three weeks from today!

Today the 8th graders had sectional rehearsal over “Santa’s Fiesta!”  Congratulations to Koral Long and Toby King who were selected to participate in the North Central Kansas Music Educators Middle-Level Honor Band!

The 7th graders are making excellent progress on their songs for the concert.  As we were rehearsing a particular section of a song over and over again, a student asked in frustration, “Why can’t we just play the whole song?”  My response was pretty simple: “If we played the whole thing, it wouldn’t sound good because we haven’t taken the time to work out each section and make each section sound good.”  That’s a pretty important lesson that students can learn from participating in band — Excellence comes from doing the little things correctly.  Mediocrity comes from doing the big things halfway right.

The 6th graders are making progress on “A World Holiday Celebration” and continue to lead the practice competition.

Practice Competition

Band Routine

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