A Week in Review

Here is a summary of band activities from this past week:

Monday, November 30 – The bands ran through their concert order.  Student speakers in each class began practicing reading the script for the concert.  All the students continued working on their recording reflection in class, fixing areas of the music that they personally identified as needing work.

Tuesday, December 1 – Students played through concert order with the speakers reading the script and continued filling out their reflections.

Wednesday, December 2 – Students played through concert order with the speakers reading the script, finished their recording reflections, and turned them in at the end of class.  Students discussed tomorrow’s rehearsal routine the classroom and percussionists were assigned equipment to take to the gym and bring back.

Thursday, December 3 – Students played through concert order for the last time with the speakers reading the script.  Mr. Bley recorded the students in class.  Students reviewed how to get to their chairs and back to the bleachers and how many chairs to leave empty on the ends of the rows.  The concert in the evening went very well and the students did a great job playing and putting equipment away afterward.  Congratulations to the 8th graders who won the practice competition.

Friday, December 4 – Students watched a video of the concert and filled out their concert rubrics.  Then they erased their music and turned in their concert rubric with their music.  They also went through their folders and turned in any late assignments and old music, kept certain items, and threw away papers they didn’t need anymore.  Students also worked with Mr. Bley to plan the class calendar for the next two weeks.  8th graders appointed a lock-in committee because they decided that their party would be a lock-in.

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