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Students at Lakewood Middle School finished their first week of classes today. Monday was an orientation for 6th grade students. On Tuesday, the 7th and 8th graders returned from summer vacation.

In band, the students participated in a variety of beginning of the year activities. The 8th grade band students went outside and reviewed some marching band fundamentals. They also learned how to do a slide right, slide left, and an adjusted step. The 7th grade band reviewed some tricky rhythms from book one. The 6th grade band students spent much of the week learning about procedures and expectations so that they would have a successful year in band. Many of the students have even auditioned on new instruments (baritone, tuba, horn, etc.) to help fill out the band. This is great!

All students should have brought home a copy of the band handbook, calendar, and shirt form. The contract at the end of the handbook is due on Monday. The shirt form is due Monday — if you need an extension on the $15, please send a note with your student. Only students who don’t have a band shirt (that fits) need to purchase one for performances. 7th graders need to have the Essential Elements Book 2 for class this year. All students need to bring instruments on Monday. Students using school instruments will have those checked out to them on Monday during class.

A note on the band calendar — In class the students were instructed to correct to concert dates that have changed since the handbook was printed. The correct dates of the two band concerts are 10-11-10, and 12-14-10. Thank you for making the change. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at scott.bley@usd305.com

If you would to see a detailed lesson plan of what did this week in class, please click here.

Next week, there will be an orientation for 6th grade parents on Monday evening at Lakewood Middle School. 7th and 8th grade parents will have orientation on Tuesday evening.

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