Week 3 Summary

Band students at Lakewood Middle School finished their third week of classes today.  The 8th grade band has been working on music for their Rolling Stones marching show.  This week they finished memorizing the music and next week they will begin learning the drill on the field.  In 7th grade band, the students have been working out of the new book and learning new music for the band concert.  This week they reviewed how to read key signatures and next week they will learn how to tune their instruments.

6th grade band students celebrate Tie Day.

The 6th grade band has been blitzing through the book to review notes, rhythms, and other concepts from last year.  This week they will get their music for the band concert and will be hitting it really hard this week.  On Friday, they celebrated Tie Day in honor of the curved line connecting two notes of the same pitch.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of class activities this week.

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