Join me in my quest to develop technology skills in music

This semester I am embarking on a quest to improve my technology skills in the music classroom. Though I feel that my technology skills as a whole are strong, I realize that most of my skills are related to what I can do with technology and not necessarily what my students can do with technology. To improve in this area, I enrolled in an online technology course for educators because I want to find ways for my students to engage in authentic and relevant musical experiences using technology. I also want my students to have 21st century skills that they can use to be competitive in a global economy.

To guide my technology growth, I assessed my current technology skills, identified goals and objectives for areas that I want to develop, and outlined a plan to achieve those goals. I identified my focus areas by asking myself what technology tools musicians use regularly and what tools are readily available for students to engage in authentic musical experiences. I believe that because smartphones are becoming ubiquitous, they have untapped potential for use in the music class. I also believe that tools musicians use for composing, notating, and recording music can be accessed easily online or through a mobile device.

You can view my detailed analysis, plan, and checklist as a Google Doc. Please return often to cheer me on, follow my progress, and offer tips and suggestions to assist me in my quest.

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One comment on “Join me in my quest to develop technology skills in music
  1. Savilla Banister says:

    You have outlined a rigourous plan for learning new skills and resources. Good luck as you move forward!

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