Noteflight Offers Ideal Interface for Student Composition

My goal for module 3 was to review several online music notation programs to find one that offered the best composing experience. The ideal program would be free, not require a special device to use, have the ability to share, and be user friendly with multiple input methods. I considered several options: Noteflight, MuseScore, Finale Notepad, Sibelius, Scorio, and ScoreCloud. The winning program was… [drumroll]

Setting up a Noteflight account is free and easy. Though it does not offer an app option for iOS or Android, the site can be accessed through any browser. One particular discussion board hinted that an app may be in the works. Tutorials are available on the website to explain how to use the program:

The site offers multiple entry methods including simple point and click mouse as well as quick keyboard entry. One of the great features of Noteflight is the ability to share music with others and browse through other users’ music. Check out this Sample Song I transcribed to test the capabilities of the site. Users can also print their songs. For an additional fee, Noteflight offers classroom options for setting up class assignments as well as MIDI input. Honorable mention goes to Scorio, which offers additional features for a fee, though setting up an account is nearly impossible. Noteflight provides an ideal music notation experience that provides a solid foundation for future composing with advanced programs such as Sibelius and Finale.

You can review my updated skills development checklist here.

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