Top recording app identified for use in the music classroom

My goal for module 4 was to review several apps for recording and creating music. My research of popular and highly rated recording apps available on the app store produced the following options that were available to download for free:

I tested both apps while working with individual band students who were preparing solos for music contest. Both apps allowed for ease in recording and sharing. First I recorded myself performing excerpts from the solo and then emailed the files to the student to use as a reference when practicing at home. Then I recorded the student and included my comments at the end of the recording and emailed the file to the student as a reference. The process was very simple with both apps; however one app stood out for its ability to categorize, file, and edit recordings, and it was also the only one of the two apps available on both iOS and Android. The winner app was… [drumroll]…

Other apps with the ability to record included:

  • PracticePlus –  This all-in-one metronome and tuner also includes the ability to record for no cost. Recordings can’t be edited, but can be shared via email or social media; however, it is available on iOS but not Android.
  • Metronome Plus – Like PracticePlus, this app includes a metronome and tuner along with a recording feature. Recordings can’t be edited but can be emailed (not shared on social media). It is available on iOS but not Android.
  • StudioTrack by Sonoma Wire Works is a multitrack recorder iPad. StudioTrack is a great app for recording multiple parts in an ensemble; it is available for iPad but not Android.

I also reviewed these popular apps used for creating music with loops and other prerecorded material.

  • Music Studio Lite – This free app for iPad (not available on Android), has a variety of instruments that users can use to create loops and recordings in app.
  • Auxy for iPad (not available on Android) was super easy to use and created an amazing sound. Though not as robust with features as Music Studio Lite, the simple interface makes this an ideal app for beginners who want to create their own loops. Recordings can be made and exported. Check out this song I made!
  • GrooveMaker lets users create live, loop-based music. It turns the mobile device into a real instrument great for DJing parties. After some practice, users will feel comfortable producing live music, or exporting recorded music.

You can review my updated skills checklist for module 4.

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