DJing with the Numark Mixtrack II DJ Software Controller

My goal for module 6 was to learn how to use the Numark Mixtrack II DJ Software Controller. I selected this goal for two reasons: (1) I had the device and didn’t know how to use it and (2) DJing is a skill that anyone can develop and use for a variety of events.

Numark Mixtrack II DJ Software Controller

The user guide provided an initial overview of the device, explaining the function of each button and giving a simple lesson on how to mix songs. A video tutorial on the website provided more instruction.

Using the DJ software controller, I was able to practice beat matching, queuing up tracks, and transitioning through loops and effects. I discovered that being a DJ is a lot more difficult than it looks. It takes quite a bit of practice, skill, and creativity to be able to keep the beat going between songs while also creating (sometimes improvising) new mixes on the fly.

I ran into technical issues attempting to export a mix for this module. As a consolation, I explored other DJ apps to see what other options exist. I tested two DJ apps for iPad: Pacemaker and edjing

Pacemaker works with your own song library, or you can use it with Spotify if you have a premium account ($10 a month or $5 for students). The app suggests songs with similar beats-per-minute (beat-matching) and style to create a seamless mix for any event. You can either put it on autopilot or transition between songs on your own. Additional add-ons can be purchased in app for special effects, looping, or EQ.

edjing can be downloaded free for iPad or Android. An upgraded version with more features can be purchased for iPad ($8.99). Both versions work similar to other DJ programs. Though edjing won’t work with streaming services such as Spotify, it will work with SoundCloud, allowing users to share their mixes and search for other free music. It also has an automix feature that allows the app to select music by itself with beat matching. A neat feature of edjing is that users get their own webpage to feature their mixes. Check out my webpage and my first mix! – mR!bLEY’s Mixes on edjing World.

Here is a link to my updated skills checklist.

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