Band Olympics Questions

Country Profile Questions

  1. Where is your country located?  Describe it in terms of its position on a continent.
  2. What other countries are nearby?
  3. What important land features characterize your country?
  4. How big is your country?  Compare its size to another country or an American state.
  5. What is the population of your country?  Compare this to the population of another state or country.
  6. What chief products are produced in your country?
  7. When was your country founded?  How many years old is it?
  8. What is the name of your country’s national anthem?

Composer Profile Questions

  1. When was your composer born?
  2. Where was your composer born?
  3. Where did your composer live most of his/her life?
  4. How did your composer make a living?
  5. When did your composer die?
  6. What are you composer’s most important contributions to music (important songs or innovations)?
  7. What else was going on in the world during your composer’s life?
  8. What musical era did your composer live during (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Modern/20th Century)?

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