Practice competition heating up

The 8th graders turned in enough practice cards to take the lead over the lunch hour, but the 6th graders turned in more cards in the afternoon to regain their position at the top of the competition. Practice Competition

In rehearsal today, the 7th graders voted to play “Star of Bethlehem” (from the movie Home Alone) instead of “Silent Night” at the concert in December.  They also memorized line 171 (Concert Ab Major Scale) in preparation for their playing test next week.  The class is nearly finished rotating through the practice rooms using the new SmartMusic software.

The 8th graders made a lot of headway on “Santa’s Fiesta” and also played through “For Unto Us.”  They have also been working on chromatic lines out of the book.  The clarinets and saxes have been working on their chromatic fingerings.

In 6th grade band, students reviewed dotted quarter rhythms.  They also learned to play the “Arabian Dance” from the Nutcracker Suite.

Band Routine

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