Musical chairs and feelings…

Today the jazz band was at Kansas Wesleyan University participating in a jazz festival.  The remaining students in 7th and 8th grade band came up with suggestions for what to do in class that would involve their instruments.  The 7th graders continued working on SmartMusic and also spent class playing musical chairs (they played lines out of the book and music for the concert while their classmates walked around the chairs).  The 8th graders played musical chairs for most of class.  The spent the last few minutes of class “talking about their feelings and then demonstrating their feelings on their instruments.”  [Don’t ask me, I didn’t come up with it!]  Funny stuff.  Toot-toot!

The 6th graders are making a lot of progress on The Nutcracker Suite for the concert.  They also learned a solo out of the book that they can play with piano.  The continue to lead the band practice competition, passing the 1.0 card per person average.  Here are the current standings: Practice Competition

Band Routine

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