Exploring Band

5th graders have the opportunity to explore what it’s like to be in band during their second trimester in 5th Grade General Music class. During the first trimester, students will identify instrument preferences and test out their top three instrument choices. Based on the results of the instrument testing, we will have an idea of what instrument each student will be most successful on during our Exploring Band Unit.

Here is additional information about the process of getting ready for the Exploring Band Unit:

  • Invitation to Informational Meeting – Letter
  • General Music Exploring Band Unit – Handout explaining the 5 steps to complete
    • Step 1 – Establish communication — Parents at the meeting will verify their email address. Others can contact Mr. Bley, or he will reach out to those who are unable to be at the meeting. Important dates for to put on your calendar for music class will be shared as well as details on the Exploring Band Unit.
    • Step 2 – Select an Instrument — Mr. Bley will help students identify preferences and then test them out on the instrument in class or at the meeting. Please mark this at the bottom of the last page of the Handout from Parent Meeting.
    • Step 3 – Option — Choose one of the options for obtaining an instrument and mark it on the back page of the Handout from Parent Meeting.
    • Step 4 – Return paperwork (the last page of the Handout from Parent Meeting) and any payment based on the option you selected. Those going with the Rettig Option can fill out the form online and pay the $24 fee which will provide a brand new instrument to cover all 12 weeks of the exploring band unit online. Instructions for completing the online form are outline in the Handout explaining the 5 steps to complete.
    • Step 5 – Lock-in Permission Form (hard copies will be distributed in class at the beginning of October) — We will have our middle school band lock-in to kick off our exploring band unit. Students will get small group instruction on assembling the instrument, holding it, playing it, and they’ll be able to play their first three notes by the end of the evening. Students also have the option to stay overnight to play games and watch movies under the supervision of Mr. Bley and other adult chaperones. Some students are unable to stay overnight, and that’s fine too. We will have a pizza party leading up to midnight, and that is an opportunity to pick up students who have other commitments the next day and are unable to stay the night.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


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