What fundraisers help generate funds for the music program and student/class accounts?

  • Scrips Fundraiser year-round – See Nancy Parry for details. All funds raised go into your student account which is managed by the PHMA.
  • Fruit Sale Fundraiser in November – See Jennifer Musto and Sue Ann Moore for details. A portion of the funds raised go into the PHMA general fund and the rest go into your student account, which is managed by the PHMA.
  • Spring Music Department Fundraiser in March – See Mr. Bley for details. Our goal is for each student to sell 15 items. A portion of the funds raised go into the band and choir accounts managed by the school district to pay for band and choir needs, and the rest go into your music class account (music class of 2018, music class of 2019, music class of 2020, etc.) for band and choir to subsidize the cost of music trips.

What are we raising money for?

  • Band Needs
    • Beginning band instruments – Our numbers are growing in the band program. As a result, our supply of school instruments is not meeting our needs. Though many families invest in their own instrument and supplies, others are unable to afford to purchase an instrument. By purchasing more beginning band instruments (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, alto saxophones, and trombones), we can provide a way for students to participate in band if they cannot afford their own instrument.
    • New drumline equipment – Our drumline equipment is getting older and our program is growing. We are finding ourselves short cymbals, snare drums, tenor drums, and bass drums. We plan to replace the drumline equipment during the 2018-19 school year.
    • New marching band uniforms – The current marching band uniform is due to be replaced in the next few years due to age.
  • Choir Needs
    • Piano accompanist – We would like to pay a part-time piano accompanist to also assist with administrative tasks in the music department.
    • Music and backing tracks – Each year we purchase new music and create practice recordings for students to use to learn the music. The backing tracks are also used in the absence of a piano accompanist for students to rehearse in class during sectionals or full group rehearsal.
    • New choir performance attire – Many high school choirs are moving toward “black and white” performance attire. For ladies, this involves a uniform gown and for gentlemen, it involves purchases tuxes.
  • Music Trips
    • Large Group Contest – Annually the HS Band and HS Choir participate in large group contest ($210 entry fee per group plus travel expenses).
    • Solo and Small Ensemble Contest – Annually in February the HS Band and HS Choir students have the option of participating in Solo and Small Ensemble Contest ($18 per solo, plus piano accompanist expenses).
    • CedarPoint Trip – Annually in May the 7-12 band and choir students travel to CedarPoint to participate in the Festival of Music (approx. $40 per student)
    • High School Music Trip – We take trips every two years, alternating “big trips” with “small trips” so that during a student’s high school career, they will be able to participate in one big trip and one small trip.
      • 2019-2020 School Year / Small Trip Year – Pennyslvania, with stops in Cleveland, Hershey and Pittsburg or Philadelphia (approx. $300-400 per student).
      • 2021-2022 School Year / Big Trip Year – Disney World in Orlando, Florida (approx. $500-600 per student).

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