Pep Assembly!

7th Grade Band – Students were tested over the chromatic scale (line 185).  Then some students were dismissed to clean out their lockers while the other students played through “Silent Night.”

8th Grade Band – Students sightread a new song for the December concert called, “Santa’s Fiesta.”  Then they reviewed their pregame music for the pep assembly that would take place during Prime Time.

6th Grade Band – Students discussed appropriate assembly behavior and then attended the pep assembly.

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Scales, Scales, and MORE Scales!

7th Grade Band – Students learned exercises B1-3 on their 4-note exercises sheet.  Students also learned a new note for line 99 and reviewed what key signatures.  Students learned about the order that sharps and flats appear in a key signature and identified a new key signature for line 102.  Students then had time in class to play a couple of lines for classmates and get their signature on the sheet.

8th Grade Band – Students reviewed transposition for their instrument and numbered the scales on the new scale sheet.  They will have a playing test over scales 1-5.  They also learned their 2-octave chromatic scale.

6th Grade Band –

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Practice Records and Signature Sheets!!

Today band students got their first practice record and signature sheet of the 2nd quarter.  The practice record is a very different from practice records students have completed in the past.  Today students identified new lines from the book that they can’t play yet, new lines that they can play already, and old lines that they want to play for fun.  Then they set a goal for themselves by identifying five lines that they want to work on and be able to play by the end of next week.  Students will then record what lines they worked on outside of class — some lines to achieve their goal and some lines to play just for the fun of it.

Students also got their first signature sheet of the 2nd quarter.  The sheets are filled out in class except for the parent signature that they need to get at home when they play the line for a parent.  7th graders are working on page 9 and need to get a signature from a parent on line 43, “You’re a Grand Old Flag.”  8th graders reviewed 16th note patterns on pages 16-20 and need to get a parent signature on line 97, “American Patrol.”  6th graders are learning to slur notes on their instruments and need to get a parent signature on line 97, “Trombone Rag.”

Also, 7th graders will be having a playing test over line 185 next week.  They will also be trained on the new music assessment program that we are piloting in the district.

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Syncopation and Slurs

In 7th grade band, students learned to count and play music with syncopated rhythms.  8th graders finished their marching unit by reviewing and taking a short test.  6th graders learned how to slur notes in band, and trombone players learned to play glissandoes.

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A New Beginning!

Today was the beginning of the second quarter at Lakewood Middle School.  7th graders continued working on two new chorales (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Coventry Carol) and reviewed all the lines they learned in the book last quarter.  The 7th graders then previewed the material on pages 8-10 that they will be covering this quarter (syncopation, cut time, and Concert C Major).

Several 8th graders were absent due to the team 4 field trip.  Those who were present viewed and critiqued a recording of Friday’s pregame show at Central.  They also reviewed coordinates on the football field.

In 6th grade, students got a new seating arrangement and reviewed the new warm-up.  Students then reviewed Theme and Variations form and learned D.C. al Fine.

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Last Day of the First Quarter

Today was the last day of the first quarter for students at Lakewood Middle School.  The band students wasted no time getting ahead of the second quarter rush and started learning new concepts.  The 6th grade band students learned a new warm-up and learned about theme and variations form.  The 7th grade band also learned a new warm-up and received two new chorales.

8th grade band students rehearse their Blues Brothers Show.

The 8th grade band rehearsed out on the parking lot today for the last time.  Mr. Bley got on the roof and videotaped the performance for the students to review in class one last time before tonight’s performance.  As a reminder, students are to wear their Marching Mustangs shirts, long pants, and closed-toe shoes.  Students are urged to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath their band shirt and may choose to wear a stocking cap.  8th grade band students are to report to the auditorium at Salina Central at 6:00 PM.  The pregame show will take place at 6:45 PM.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

This morning the 8th grade marching rehearsal at Salina Central was cancelled due to rain.  Because of the bad weather, the 8th graders had an opportunity to discuss coordinate systems from everyday life and create a coordinate system for the football field.  Using a coordinate system on the football field is an efficient way to teach bands formations in marching band.

The 6th and 7th grade bands looked through their portfolios and added papers to them from the first quarter.  The 7th graders also complete a goal-setting sheet while looking through their papers to identify areas where they want to get better next quarter.

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Reflecting on our learning

Students in 6th and 7th grade reflected over what they’ve learned this quarter in band. Each student responded to a list of objectives and determined their level of mastery for each of the skills/objectives shown.  This valuable information will help students celebrate their successes this quarter and help them focus on areas of growth next quarter.

The 8th grade band rehearsed outside again today in preparation for Friday’s performance.  Tomorrow the 8th grade marching band will be rehearsing at the Salina stadium.  They have been reminded to get their assignments in advance and arrange transportation to drop them off at the stadium first thing in the morning.  A bus will bring students back to Lakewood in time for third hour.

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Great concert last night!

The students did a wonderful job on the concert last night!  Today they will be watching the video of the concert, evaluating their performance, and filling out the concert rubric as a self-assessment.

On Thursday, the 8th grade marching band will be rehearsing at the stadium (at Central High School).  Please make arrangements to be dropped off at the stadium at 7:30 AM.  Students will be bussed back to Lakewood in time for 3rd hour.

On Friday the 8th grade marching band will present their pregame show at the Central football game.  Students need to report to the high school auditorium at 6:00 PM to warm-up, tune, and practice.  The performance will begin at 6:40 PM at the stadium.  Students need to wear their “Marching Mustangs” shirt, long jeans, and closed-toe shoes.  Don’t forget your sunglasses.

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Band Concert – Monday, Oct. 5, 7:30 PM

Today students received their band shirts in class.  Students can get them on Monday if they were absent or if they need to let me know when they can pay me.

On Monday, October 5, band students will have their first concert of the year.  You will not want to miss out on this concert.  Students have been hard at work preparing music to perform.  Here are some other important things to remember:

1. On Monday, students need to wear their band shirt to school because it is “game day.”

2. 6th and 7th graders have their week 6-8 practice record due on Monday.  If they need a blank form, they can find it here (blank form).  If they haven’t been filling it out on a daily basis with the rest of the class, they can find out what to write here (6th grade form or 7th grade form).

3. On Monday, students need to report to the band room for warm-up at 7:00 PM.  They should arrive a little (not a lot) before 7:00 PM to get out their equipment.

4. The jazz band will perform prior to the concert at around 7:15/7:20 PM.  The band concert will begin at 7:30 PM and last about 45 minutes.  A reception with cookies and punch will follow in the commons area afterward.  A big thanks to parents who have volunteered to help with the reception.

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